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Freeman Immigration Exclusive Green Card Product
485 green card ride

It is recognized by the industry as the fastest, easiest and safest way to obtain US identity. The number of places is scarce, and there are only dozens of green card places for free rides every year

​​What is a 485 free ride green card?

The full name of I-485 is "Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status", which is the last step in obtaining a US green card: applying for the adjustment of permanent resident status. Usually, when the green card application reaches the 485 stage, it means that the U.S. green card has been secured, and the U.S. green card can be obtained after passing the final routine review stage.


The 485 green card hitchhiker has cleverly used the "loophole" of the US immigration rules: if the green card applicant forms a team with his teammates before the green card is about to be obtained, based on the USCIS's humanitarian principle of "one person gets the card, the whole family is approved", Both parties can obtain the permanent green card of the United States at the same time, and the teammate successfully got a ride on the green card of the United States.

Freeman Immigration has reached a strategic partnership with a number of local law firms in the United States, and can provide dozens of high-quality main applicants for green cards every year.

Advantages of 485 Green Card Shunfeng

Recognized in the industry|Easiest|Safest|Fastest


One-stop green card service: The lawyer team is responsible for the whole process of green card application, truly "waiting for the green card at home"

high quality

Every green card teammate is carefully selected by the team of lawyers, and their qualifications, character, and cooperation have been tested


The materials are authentic and the operation is legal. Each application is independent and independent, and does not affect each other. Only dozens of free rides are made each year.

Work Desk

Fastest way to get green card

Our service gives you a unique advantage when compared to other options: skip the long wait time for a green card. Compared with the traditional green card application route, we can provide you with a faster and more efficient solution, requiring only6-9monthtime to obtain a permanent green card.

90% of the customers who heard the 485 free ride green card for the first time would think of marriage green/commercial marriage. In fact, the concept and essence of the two are very different, and they are two completely different concepts.


News cases of fake marriages/commercial marriages being investigated can be seen everywhere on the Internet, but there is no report of punishment for 485 free ride green cards.

do you know?


Wedding Green/Business Marriage

485 green card ride

​Teammate Quality

processing time

​Application Difficulty

​legal risk

​Fund risk

Successfully get the card

​ High-quality teammate of the law firm, only one ride project

​6-9 months

Extensive review, few interviews

No legal risk, escorted by a team of lawyers

Strictly abide by the contract, ​ can get the green card first and then pay

​​Directly take 10 years​occupational immigration​permanent green card

The background is complicated and there are many cases

​ Started in three years

Strict review and interview required

False marriage itself is illegal and the risk is huge

Teammates sit on the ground and raise prices at any time, it is difficult to defend their rights

Can only get a two-year zero-hour green card

Court Room

Wedding Green/Business Marriage

​Green marriage/commercial marriage: ​ married to an American citizen/US green card holder, and applied for a green card based on the authenticity of the marriage itself. The U.S. Immigration Service will focus on reviewing the authenticity of the marriage. After the application is approved, you will get a temporary green card for marriage.

485 green card ride

Married to a person with non-US status, based on the green card applied by the main applicant for employment-based immigration. The U.S. Immigration Service will focus on reviewing whether the main applicant's occupational immigration is eligible (such as salary level, job fit, employer qualifications...), and if the application is approved, the permanent green card for occupational immigration will be obtained.


Shunfengche green card application process

match teammates

submit application

Get a Combo Card

Receive a US green card

Match the green card teammates who best meet the needs according to the client's background (about 1 month).

After sorting out the materials, the client joins the main applicant's green card application team (about 1 month) as a sub-applicant, and submits the application formally.

Receive EAD work card + return to the United States paper (about 2 months).

The 485-stage trial is over, and the permanent green card of the United States is obtained (2~5 months).

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485 Shunfeng Green Card FAQ
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